SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Scuba diving is very safe if done with the proper equipment and under careful supervision. Is there an advantage to using dive boats versus diving off sailboats. Our fleet of custom dive boats enables us to keep bulky, wet scuba gear and noisy compressors off our sailboats. One of the best scuba diving zones on the pacific coast is off sea's office and classroom are located if you are staying at one of the other hotels or guesthouses in the area, we'll be happy to pick you up, free of charge. Even if you are just snorkelling on the day.

Our Dive Boats

The dive boats rendezvous with the sailing fleet to easily transport you to the best scuba dive locations. During the ride, students prepare their equipment under close supervision, discuss dive knowledge reviews, are briefed on the site where they'll be diving, and enjoy the ride. Departure point for our about scuba diving trips is from our dive shop on the beach along the road to pigeon point, which is one of tobago's most popular beaches. Has a full range of scuba diving equipment, like regulators, bcds, masks and snorkels, torches and wet suits available for those who don't have their own diving gear. Marine GPS Chartplotters and Fish Finder are also available. Some of the dive sites within a short boat ride from the dive shop include flying reef, cove crack, the shallows and majeston. Here you can enjoy our scuba diving articles.

On store bay local road, within walking distance of many of the other hotels and guesthouses in the crown point/pigeon point area. Offers accommodations in cabanas around the pool as well as in rooms around the garden court, not far from the dive boat.This is where the classroom and confined water sessions for padi scuba diving courses are conducted.Our dive boats provide spacious and stable platforms to ensure easy and safe entry and exit from the water for everyone aboard. We believe that using dive boats is the very best way to get dive services. For more information about scuba contact us.

PADI Scuba Instructors

Our dive courses are taught by full-time PADI professional instructors. Our equipment and staff are first-rate and we pride ourselves on our expertise and track record. Scuba diving is the premier iphone and ipod touch video collection of scuba diving tutorials. Heading on a tropical vacation and want to refresh your scuba diving skills? or just want to learn some tricks and tips for your next underwater adventure? PADI scuba diving is a form of underwater diving in which a diver uses a scuba set to breathe underwater for recreation, commercial or industrial reasons.

Our Services & Facilities

At the dive club you can find a station for filling up tanks, a shop to rent diving gear and treatment for your diving gear, resting areas, bathroom, showers, Toilet suites, glass splashbacks , transportation, diving courses for fee, transportation to the diving spots and parking spaces using Electric gate opener.

To make sure that our facilities are keep and clean , we have skip bins for proper waste management.

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